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every fact you need to know the most inportant are underlined

are these true do you need to know these things to sucsead in life is siren head real
yes no probly

he is 40 feet tall

his arms are as long as his legs

sirens are atached to a long pole of flesh

his sirens can make emergy brodcasts mufeld music and even peoples voices

it uses voices of frinds and famaly to lure its pray

it makes its oan sounds to block out the screams of its victoms

he mite be the last of his kind and hase the strong will to survive but this is not comfirmed

he can make sounds so loud that he can burst your ear drums

he has rasor sharp teath in his sirens

he can stay moshinles for days to blend in with his souroundings

he mite be able to shape sift is head to blend in bus also this is not comfirmed

his fingers are veary pointy so pointy thit thay can stabe you

he has a retractable tounge

some people call him scp6789 but the ofishal scp foundashin dose not call him a scp

skin mumafied flesh

skin the color of rusty mettel

lives in forests and/or small wooded aryeas

that is what you nead to know about siren head